Buying Process

How the Spanish Property Market Works 

All real estate agencies in Spain work together, sharing all their listings on official property platforms. Christens Estates is connected to all these database networks and platforms, therefore we can provide you with access to any of these properties for sale on the Costa del Sol. This means that by working with Chritens Estates, you will have access to all the properties for sale here on the sunny Costa del Sol! 

Buying Process: 
Once Christens Estates has found you your ideal property the most important initial step is to take the property off the market. To reserve and secure it you will need to place a holding deposit, this prevents anyone else buying and you losing it to a different buyer. The normal amount is between 6.000 to 10.000 Euros. A bank transfer or credit card payment can be made to secure the deal. Between 10 to 14 days for a resales property or 30 days (or when the construction starts) after the reservation there will be a private purchase contract totalling 10% for a resales property or 30% for a new property (minious the initial deposit +VAT) of the purchase price which will state the completion period where by you will become the owner and be going to the Notary to sign the title deed in your name. 

Buying costs: 
As a general rule of thumb, you should add between 8 and 13.5% to the purchase price to cover the buying costs. Included in this figure is the property transfer tax at 8 or 10%, plus legal fees (normally 1%), Notary fees and registry fees. 

It is imperative to use a good lawyer with offices in Spain. They will make sure that the property you are buying meets all the necessary legal criteria. If you have friends or family that has a good lawyer in Spain ask them for the details, if not we have access to a good selection of reputable lawyer firms that will look after you. 

Mortgage advice: 
Christens Estates has several very experienced independent mortgage advisers that search out the best banks rates and deals for you and your requirements. We will be more than happy to put you in contact with any of them. Or we can guide you the way to the bank, what option you feel the most comfortable with. 

Currency exchange: 
We offer different foreign exchange companies that are at the top of their business and will get you more Euros for Pounds, Krones,....